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Designing the process of Succession Planning and Talent Management
Change is inevitable, companies need to be prepared for unexpected events, for example the sudden departure of a key talent or leader. Rather than face a management and leadership crisis, companies can be prepared if they have a succession plan. Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing potential future leaders or senior managers, as well as individuals to fill business-critical positions, in the short- or the long-term. It typically covers the most senior or key jobs in the company, together with short-term and longer-term successors for these posts.

Longer term successors can be placed on a fast-track and developed through job moves within various parts of the company, thereby giving them the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the company. Succession planning can include individual senior or key positions or identify a ‘pool’ of positions where similar skills are required. All companies need to be able to find people with the right skills to fill key and top leadership and management positions.

ABN has closely worked with many clients, designing and implementing succession plans and processes, both for the short and long term.
When designing succession plans we take the following factors into consideration:
Identification of key talents throughout the company
Evaluation of skills, ability and competencies for the future of the business
Assessment of key talents (including 360 feedback,psychometrics and coaching)
Design of development Plan for key talents