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Talent identification, management & development
We are shaped and live our values of:
Integrity and accomplishing an ethical, systematic, and professional approach in our conducts.
Commitment to professional conduct,
Cooperation and building sustainable relationships with our Clients, existing and new,
Maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, to be able to think and plan ahead for our clients and for our own development and improvement,
Corporate responsibility and ethical effort towards a greater good for our country, people and humanity.
We believe living our values is part of who we are and how we grow and develop our business. Our commitment to our clients has always been to work with passion, with open eyes and ears, to be mindful to our clients needs and to always be one step ahead of them.
Who we are

Our Story, Values and Mission

ABN History
Atieh Borna Negar (ABN) is a strategic assessment consulting firm; our ultimate goal is to assess and identify strengths, development areas and training needs of personnel. Assessments are done for recruitment, development, job enrichment and promotion purposes. ABN is a spin off from the HR firm Atieh Roshan Consulting and a member of the Atieh Group of companies.

ABN as the first talent management company in Iran
We have always maintained a professional approach to our clients’ needs and putting our clients first. Based on this, we decided it was time to start a professional and committed service focusing entirely on talent management in Iran.  And so, ABN was created as Iran’s first talent management company. From 2007 till end of 2010, we focused a great deal on recruitment and executive search, besides assessment and conducting development and assessment centers.

Focus on Assessment and Development
Since 2011, our focus has changed, and our conduct has been limited to assessment and human resources development areas. We do not offer services such as executive search or recruitment since 2011.

We have earned the trust and respect of many of our clients
Trust and building long lasting relationships is of great value to us. We do not take trust for granted. We have earned the trust and respect of many of our clients, we are honored to have achieved this and our mission is to maintain and grow this level of trust and commitment to new and existing clients, both in terms of the companies who work with us but also the individuals who come to us for individual development.