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Business Simiulation (How do they behave?)
“Business Simiulation” are exercises designed and prepared based on real work-life experiences.
Candidates need to display their knowledge, experience and skills to reach the predetermined goals in these exercises.

These activities take place in 3 different situation:
1. Individual work
2. One by one work
3. Group work

The exercises are designed and selected based on an important target criteria (e.g. competencies) matching the individual’s current and/or future status level.

These exercises are usually combined and create a day of assessment (in the assessment or development centre).
The activities in this day are observed and reviewed by trained and expert psychologists and assessors recording the individuals’ behaviors. Ultimately, based on the observed behaviors, an analytical report of each individual and the group is prepared, considering all the predetermined criteria and competencies.

As the pioneer in designing and administrating of Assessment and Development centers in Iran, Atieh Borna, is collaborating with expert exercise designers, besides having access to a wide range of exercises. Atieh Borna is ready to meet the needs of organizations.
The most considerable instances of “job/business environment simulation exercises” include:
1. Role Play
2. Group Discussion
3. Analysis Exercises (Case Studies)
4. Other exercises (Fact Finding, Planning, In-Basket exercise)