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Talent identification, management & development

Assessment and Development Centers (AC/DC)
A company might use an assessment centre to help select the right candidates or it might use a development centre to identify employees strengths, competencies and development areas.

Following an AC/ DC a comprehensive feedback report is prepared for the company and in DCs also for the individual. The report outlines the general strengths and development areas which could translate into job enrichment, promotion, training and development or even new business opportunities.

The AC/ DC is a big investment in time and money, however the rewards are also great, both for the individual and for the organization.

Competency Based Interviewing
A competency based interview (CBI), also referred to as a situational or behavioral based interview, is a style of interviewing often used to evaluate a candidate's competence, particularly when it is hard to select on the basis of technical merit or companies want to make sure they are recruiting or working with people who have right behavior and competencies, matched with company standards.

ABN has a long experience in designing and conducting competency based interviews for different reasons such as recruitment, competency gap analysis, promotion interviews and other related areas. Our assessors are trained to designee and conduct such interviews in the past decade.
360 Feedback
ABN’s experience of using 360 feedback has been extremely positive. Our 360 feedback tool is once again, based on international standards but localized to meet local needs.