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Our team consist of proficient experts and consultants with backgrounds in human resources, psychology, management, and similar fields in humanities We aim to create a professional and ethical working environment, and offer an up to date, professional, honest and committed service to our clients. We collaborate with a diverse group of expertise and partners. All our staff are trained in our own Atieh Borna methodology and processes.

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Dr. Pari Namazie
Amir Mohammad Pahlavnejad
Amir Pahlavnejad
Talent identification, management & development
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Pari has been involved in human resources consulting since 1998. She entered the field of human resources as a Director of Recruitment and HR in Atieh Bahar Consulting in 1998. The field of comparative HR inspired Pari to do a PhD in International Human Resources Management, where she completed her doctorate on the transferability of HRM policies and practices in international joint ventures in Iran. She went on to create Atieh Roshan Consulting in 2002, a leading strategic HR company in Iran, and later co-founded Atieh Borna Negar in 2007.
Dr. Pari Namazie
Chairwoman, Atieh Borna Negar Consulting (ABN)
Pari’s role in ABN has been to build an awareness towards assessments and competency based selection tools, to help companies better utilize psychometrics and where possible to localise assessment tests and tools. In 2003, she and her team introduced the first large scale assessment centre in Iran and conducted the first ‘Professional Assessor” training. She continues to develop international partnerships in order to further professionalise and improve the assessment standards in Iran and globally.

She is now based in Austria, where she co-founded Atieh International GmbH as Atieh Group’s international arm. She is currently involved in talent management, leadership development, global team development between Europe and the Middle East and West Asia.

She has published academic articles and books chapters and is a regular speaker at international conferences on HRM, intercultural competence, cross cultural psychology and issues relating to women in the Middle East. Pari holds a PhD from Middlesex Business School, Middlesex University (2007).