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Talent identification, management & development

Assessment and Development Centers (AC/DC)

It has been more than three decades that Assessment and Development centers are widely used in the world. An Assessment and Development center brings about a process whose outcomes assist organizations in making less erroneous and more accurate decisions for selection, appointment, and promotion of employees. A company might use an assessment centre to help select the right candidates or it might use a development centre to identify employees strengths, competencies and development areas. An assessment/ development centre can take half a day or more, up to two days.

A variety of tools are used in AC/DC’s such as behavioral Exercises, competency-based interviews, psychometric questionnaires, and ability tests all aimed at assessing a candidate’s strengths and competencies as well as his/her potentials  the organization is looking for. It is normally tailor made to take the company’s competency framework and business objectives in to account.

Following an Assessment & Development center, a comprehensive report is prepared for the client company. Besides, another report is also prepared for the individual. The report generally outlines the individual’s strengths as well as his/her development areas, all of which could be utilized in job enrichment, moving on the career path, training and development, and even new business opportunities. The AC/ DC is a big investment in time and money, however the rewards are also great, both for the individual and for the organization. We always advise our clients to conduct an AC/ DC only if they are prepared to further invest in staff development initiatives.
The tools used in centers are as follows:
1. Job simulation/behavioral tools and exercises,
2. Other tools:

   a.Competency-based/behavioral/ structured/ situational interviews
   b.Personality Assessment
   c.Ability tests
   d.Specialized assessment tools

Services for Individuals:
The Walk in Development Centre
Based on popular demand, we sometimes organize an open day walk-in assessment centre. If you would like more information, please contact us.