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360 degree Feedback (How others view us?)
Traditionally, employees have been managed and assessed by their direct managers. However, in today’s complicated work environment, this linear one-dimensional perspective would cause difficulty in perceiving the individual’s performance in teams, sections, and regarding the subordinates, providers, and customers. So, the opportunity to present feedback, and assessment from different perspectives, would add valuable insight to work, and would increase the assessment quality.

The 360 assessment/review tools enable us to perceive multiple dimensions. These tools help to collect the received feedbacks of the persons who have been in close work interaction with the individual, to weight these feedbacks, and to provide a report based on them.

The figure displays this very well.
It is seriously recommended that a training session be held for the assessors before 360 degree feedback assessment, to insure the thorough realization of measurement scale and the participants’ assessment method, unless, the results may be of no credit.

Providing feedback after the assessment is a very significant issue. The feedback would help the individual to identify his/her development areas. 360 degree assessment is meant to be used just for development purposes, and it should not be used for performance assessment, promotion, or any recruitment/selection purposes, as this might follow with intense negative outcomes.
Atieh Borna Consulting has been collaborating with Pario HR Solutions in this area. 360 degree assessment is conducted internet-based, and it might be administered in both English and Persian languages.

The result would be presented in private feedback sessions. Since these sessions are of high sensitivity, conducting them requires adequate skills; this is why training courses for feedback and assessment methods have been considered.
360 Feedback
ABN’s experience of using 360 feedback has been extremely positive. Our 360 feedback tool is once again, based on international standards but localized to meet local needs.